Salmon Salad 

Green salad slice salmon on top 

Kani Salad

Crab stick with vegetables on top

Sumo Salad

Crab stick with vegetables on top

Seafood Salad

Green salad, prawn, tuna, salmon


Boiled Green Peas with hot and fresh dressing

Cawan Mushi

Steamed of egg with prawn & chicken

Tori Karage

Fried crunchy chicken with spicy sauce

Wakame Salad

Green salad sea weed with spicy dressing

Agedhasi Tofu

Deep fried beancurd with spicy sauce

Miso Soup

Tofu, sea weed and green onion soup

Grill Ebi Mayo

Grilled fresh prawn dreessing with mayo

Jamur Goreng

Fried mushroom with crunchy taste  

Nigiri & Gunkan



Nigiri Salmon

Nigiri Wagyu

Gunkan Kani Salad

Gunkan Salmon Mayo




Maki Salmon

Sashimi Salmon

Salmon HandRoll




Salmon Teriyakin Bento

Chicken Teriyaki Bento

Sushi Mix Bento

Mix Katsu Bento

Mix Roll     Bento




New Wagyu Mania

Wagyu Hotplate

Wagyu Steak

Wagyu Don

Wagyu Set




       Chicken Ramen

Spicy Chicken Ramen


          Kariage Udon

           Niku Udon

         Kremes Udon

       Tori Kani Udon

      Tempura Ramen

             Tori Udon

           Yaki Udon

Ala Carte



Salmon   Teriyaki

Grill Salmon Head

Chicken Katsu Don

Oyako Don

Tempura Don

Unagi Don

Chirashi Sushi

Chirashi ChaHan  

Menu Set



Salmon Teriyaki Set

Chicken Teriyaki Set

Beef Teriyaki Set

Tempura Ebi  Set

Chicken Katsu Set




Pasta Salmon

Tori Bolognise

Pasta Seafood

Pasta Ebi